Witchcraft XI: Sisters In Blood – Movie


Witchcraft X: Mistress Of The Craft For over a year, Celeste Sheridan, a powerful witch, has been hunting Raven and her cult of exotic, but deadly, vampires. Detective Lucy Lutz of the LAPD arrives in London, she has extradition orders…

Witchcraft X: Mistress Of The Craft
For over a year, Celeste Sheridan, a powerful witch, has been hunting Raven and her cult of exotic, but deadly, vampires. Detective Lucy Lutz of the LAPD arrives in London, she has extradition orders to escort a Satanist serial killer, Hyde, back to California. But Raven has other plans…

Storming into Interpol’s HQ outside of London where Celeste works, Raven frees Hyde, escaping to her secret lair in the basement of a London nightclub. Raven wants Hyde to help her with a ritual ceremony, one that will grant them supernatural power beyond their wildest imaginations.

Celeste teams up with Detective Lutz and Interpol agent Chris Dixon to hunt down Raven and Hyde before Walpurgis Night approaches and the demon Morshenka is brought to Earth by Hyde and Raven’s vampires to wreak chaos and death for all.

Witchcraft XI: Sisters In Blood
Things are not as they seem at Saint Sebastian College. When drama student Colleen is cast alongside her friends Keri and Marie as one of the three witches in “Macbeth”, she has no idea of the nightmare that awaits her. Unknown to her, the director, Professor Ramsden, a devout Satanist, is intent on resurrecting the souls of the three long-dead evil witch sisters, using the beautiful young bodies of the co-eds as vessels. If successful, the resurrected sisters will complete their earthly mission of opening the gateway to Hell and releasing the demon monster Abbadon. A monsignor, a parish priest and an ancient, wise nun all meet their fate when they confront the Sisters and attempt to battle them with their faith alone. Is anyone strong enough to face up to the evil Sisters? Will Spanner, one-time warlock and master of white magic, must give all he has in the battle, or lose everything he loves in the attempt.

Witchcraft XII: In The Lair Of The Serpent
One night in a dark nightclub, Jeff Lawton meets up with the beautiful and mysterious Tisa; Jeff is never seen alive again. Cindy Lawton, Jeff’s sister seeks the help of family friend Will. As Will examines Jeff’s death, he stumbles into a web of evil as old as time itself. He learns that Tisa is part of an evil coven of beautiful women that worship a long forgotten snake god, Malleus. The women of the cult must seduce men and lure them to their deaths to fulfill an ancient prophecy and unleash the ultimate evil upon the earth. Will is put in a life and death situation by going undercover, so that he alone may unlock the horrible secret before it is too late.

Witchcraft XIII: Blood Of The Chosen
Will Spanner, the reluctant heir to a dark legacy, is once again thrown into battle against the forces of evil when he encounters a series of brutal murders. The victims are all killed in a ritualistic fashion, with their hearts cut from their chests. All of the victims also share something with Will, something that the minions of darkness will stop at nothing to possess. Can he unravel the murderous mystery before it’s too late, or will he finally succumb to the darkness that courses through his very veins?

Witchcraft XIV: Angel Of Death
Rose has always felt she was different but lately she has found it harder to ignore. After receiving a hateful, lustful email from her ex’s new girlfriend, Rose unleashes her fury in the form of a curse. Not realizing the power she possesses, Rose is surprised to learn the next day that her enemy is dead. Led by the charismatic Yogi Samuel, Rose is introduced to a coven of sexy witches based out of a local yoga studio. Sensing the potential in Rose, Samuel promises to help her develop and control her powers. While investigating the recent murders, Detectives Lutz and Garner team up with their warlock friend, Will Spanner, to uncover the sinister truth behind Samuel’s desire to harness Rose’s supernatural sex power. In the battle to stop the Angel of Death, will white magic prove stronger than the forces of evil?

Witchcraft XV: Blood Rose
Innocent Rose is a legacy witch, coming into her powers as a member of a local coven lead by Sharon. As the young girl blossoms, Sharon uses her own powers to enter Rose’s body and mind, using their combined powers to strike down all enemies of the coven and resurrect its former leader, Samuel. The bloody bodies pile up until Rose, now in full Bloom, becomes more powerful than any witch on Earth. Ant that means a showdown with Sharon. Witchcraft 15: Blood Rose is a sensual, violent thriller set in the erotic world of the dark arts.

Witchcraft XVI: Hollywood Coven
On the set of Crystal Force 15, a film crew shoots a gory murder scene. The special effects look real… because they are. The Master, the leader of the witches coven producing the film, needed a blood sacrifice, and who better than a scream queen? Witchcraft 16: Hollywood Coven is a sexy, sensual, violent tale of a group of witches and warlocks out to please their master and make it in Tinseltown. But who will survive the final cut?

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